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“X” Marks the Spot! The Framework to Navigate to Your Specific Tutoring Niche.

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Happy Wednesday Rockstar Tutors,

Hope you are well and enjoying your week.

Navigating to your ideal niche can seem intimidating however by knowing your specific niche it will help you to foster and develop connections to your ideal clients.

At one of my first networking events, I remember standing up and proudly sharing that I.M. Success Tutoring tutored nearly all subjects across all of the Greater Toronto area. This one size fits all approach was bound to work I thought. It did not. I noticed that the few calls I received from the networking event were outside of my geographical area (nearly two hours away) and in a subject outside of my “nearly all” expertise. At that moment, I decided to try a more specific approach to finding my niche, I would like to share of finding my tutoring niche with all of you:

1. What is your business category?


2. Which subjects are you proficient in?

Tutoring, English & Math

3. Which ages are you specialized in?

Tutoring, English & Math, Ages 5-12 (Grades SK-7)

4. Which geographical areas do you tutor in?

Tutoring, English & Math, Ages 5-12 (Grades SK-7), West End of Toronto

You notice the radical difference between “Nearly All Subjects, All of the Greater Toronto Area” and “English and math tutoring for ages 5-12 in the west end of Toronto”. At the next networking event, I noticed too and it made such a difference in connecting with future prospects and clients. Of course, when you gain new skills and/or are ready to hire a team, you can add more X’s to your ideal client treasure map.

Take time to envision your specific niche with the framework above or add your own categories. Always happy to connect and review your specific niche and ideal client framework.

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Make it a great day.


Michael Gibben

Coach for Tutors

Image Credit: Marc Manhart from Pixabay

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