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Summer Income Choices for Tutors:

Hiring and Training Your Winning Tutoring Team Program Success:

"I recently took part in the "Hiring and Training Your Winning Tutoring Team" program. It was extremely helpful! Before working with Michael, I was quite overwhelmed with how to find excellent tutors and properly onboard them. Michael provided a lot of excellent information and resources that streamlined the process for me. For anyone who has questions or would like to hire tutors more efficiently, I highly recommend it."

Cara Y.


Pathways Academy

Hit the Bullseye with Your Tutor Marketing:

Success Stories:

"As the director of an Educational Consultation and tutoring business, it is easy to be overwhelmed with the day-to- day operations. Before beginning sessions with Michael, I was worried about how to increase my clientele over the summer and create a positive plan for the fall due to COVID 19. Over the last several weeks, Michael and I have worked on increasing my testimonials, referrals, and joint ventures. I feel like I am making gains in my referrals and joint ventures. Reaching out to current clients that are happy with our services and offering them a complimentary session has increased referrals over the past month. Also, reaching out to local businesses that service students ages 5-12 and working with them to create a complimentary “Virtual Playground” has increased our added value to our families. I would highly recommend Michael's business coaching because he is very knowledgeable about the content, very prepared, and organized. Michael was able to break down my goals into clear and concise action steps. Michael goes above and beyond for his clients making sure they understand and are comfortable with the content of the meeting. I was so happy to find Michael because having a coach that specializes in tutoring businesses was a breath of fresh air!"

Diana L.


Tutoring You to Excellence

"Michael is great at seeing the big picture.  He helped me view my tutoring business from a new perspective, so I was better able to prioritize my goals.  He clarified what to focus on first and what my next steps should be.  Michael is wonderfully positive and openly shares his ideas.  You can tell he genuinely wants your business to succeed.  Michael gave me a new sense of focus and determination.  I couldn’t be more grateful.  Thank you, Michael!"

Dori O.

Miss Dori Tutoring

"As a successful entrepreneur and professional within the field of education Michael is world class. He co-founded and ran a 5-star tutoring company for several years and is now providing business coaching for tutors and their start-ups. Michael is professional in every sense of the word and truly wants to see those around him succeed. He’s down to earth, responsible, competent and is always seeking to provide value to each and every person he meets. Over the past 4 years I’ve worked for Michael as a mentor-tutor and received business coaching from his as well. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Michael is fortunate because he goes over and beyond for his clients. More so, if you’re looking for a business coach or mentor that can help you create, build, and sustain your tutoring company long-term than look no further. Michael is a seasoned entrepreneur with experience in both the private and public education system. As such, he’s well rounded and is prepared to assist you, your students and your families to achieve their short-term and long-term academic goals."

Geriel K.

Knowledge 360

"I had a one-on-one coaching session with Michael. During our meeting, Michael and I went into detail on hiring practices - where to look for tutors, sample job postings, and interview questions. He provided me with a lot of good information, answered my questions, and helped me get clarity on how I should proceed. It was a productive session and I found it quite helpful!"

Jennifer S.


Luna Lab

"Prior to my meeting with Michael, I felt stuck on how to generate more clients and what my marketing strategies were for my tutoring business. During our session, Michael listened to my needs and asked appropriate questions to guide our collaboration in creating very specific, focused goals going forward. I left feeling excited to execute my to-do list! I would highly recommend Michael as a tutoring business coach."

Kendra C.


Orange Roots Online Tutoring

"Before beginning sessions with Michael, I was concerned about how to obtain leads letting families know about my services and products that I offer with my tutoring business. Michael and I went through a monthly goal plan discussing best networking strategies to implement such as getting involved with parent school groups. Also, sharing how Facebook is a great resource to meet others finding similar groups of interest where we participate and offer information to share. We discussed how to prepare a test booster session to discuss the needs of the family and how my resources could help their child be successful on the SAT/ACT. He has been available to answer any questions on best tips and strategies on improving and making your business stand out from the crowd. I feel gains in knowing how to present my best self to people showing interest with my comments and sharing of resources and having a solid presentation for families in learning about my company and the services provided for effective results. I would recommend anyone who does not know where to begin in business to Michael's business coaching."

Shareta G.


Aspira Learn

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