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Meet Michael Gibben

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Business Experience: 


Founder of I.M. Success Tutoring (2011-2019)

5-Star Google Rating and 5-Star Indeed Rating

A+ with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Nominations: 2018 Consumer Choice Awards and 2017 Best of Toronto4Kids

Degrees and Certificates:


International Association of Coaching Membership (2020)

Behavioural Psychology Certificate (2016)

Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) Certification (2010-present)

Bachelor of Education, University of Manitoba (2008)

Bachelor of Science, University of Manitoba (2006)

Dear Readers,
Hope you are making it a great day. 
If you are here, you may be asking yourself or feeling some of the following:
  • How do I set up my tutoring business? I am feeling overwhelmed.
  • How do I make specific success goals for my tutoring business? I don't have a guideline.
  • I am unsure of the best way to describe my tutoring business to clients. Who are my best clients? How do I gain more clients?
  • What type of practices and protocols do I need to launch or expand my tutoring business? Which ones are ideal for my clients and my company?
  • I feel under appreciated and undervalued within my tutoring business.
  • I want to see proud parents, children who are inspired, a team of excellent tutors and recurring referrals and sales. I want to wake up feeling confident in myself and my company. 
  • I want to feel joy and accomplishment as my dream tutoring business thrives.

I know when I started my tutoring company (I.M. Success Tutoring) in 2011 I asked and felt all of these and more. As a teacher and private tutor, I felt comfortable with the teaching side of things but was lost and overwhelmed when it came to the business side of things. In 2014, after almost three years of uncertain self-navigation and burnout looming, I consulted with a business coach. By 2017, I.M. Success Tutoring grew to a six figure a year business. It had its largest number of clients, team members, and became a five-star top-rated company in Toronto. Parents were proud, children inspired, referrals flowed in, team numbers rose, and it felt great. 


Later I started coaching tutors using coaching approaches custom to tutoring businesses and helping with tutor business entrepreneurial questions and goals. After 8 years with I.M. Success Tutoring, I decided to transition from being the owner of a tutoring company to being a full time business coach for private tutors or tutor company owners eager to learn strategies to grow their tutoring businesses. Be there to listen, to guide, and to help move with them toward their goals and their path to tutor business success one day at a time.  

Thank you and, as always, make it a great day.


Michael Gibben, OCT, BEd., and BSc.

Founder of Coach for Tutors

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