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eBook Reviews

"I am constantly referring to this ebook to guide me! The '10+ Steps for the Successful Launch of Your Tutoring Business' is easy to follow and gives practical and useful templates for you to work through. It helps to direct your ideas and highlights areas that you may need to put more thought into. It also gives advice on low-cost advertising routes and ways to attract and convert potential clients which is great. I highly recommend downloading the ebook." 

Kayleigh B. 

Tutor Company Owner

Bright Sparks Tutors

"These two books are the perfect preparation for any tutoring business owner to take their business to the next level, whether you're just getting started or you're a few years down the line." 

Ludo M. 


Qualified Tutor

"I love it when you get specific information that helps you get closer to your objective. I have been in the tuition business for a year now, so both these books are extremely relevant. You will find the information you need for either launching or scaling your tuition business." 

Miguel D.



"I found the ebooks to be very comprehensive, a great tool to save time & money when you feel lost (how to start?) or things do not go as expected (why I do not see any results?)." 

Natalia K.



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