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You Have Launched Your Tutoring Business! What’s Next? 5 Mindful Steps for Post-Launch Success!

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Welcome Wednesday Rockstar Tutors,

Thank you again for those who were able to attend our tutoring launch webinar and/or downloaded our complimentary tutoring business launch success checklist.

You have launched! Congratulations!

What are some next steps to navigate the start of a successful post-launch with ease?

It is a pleasure to share these five mindful steps with you:

1. Continual Top-Tier Service: Happy customers will help build momentum in your tutoring business. Parents talk to other parents be it in school and/or at extracurricular events. Word will get out via parents about the programs you designed for their child and your attention to seeing their child succeed be it in confidence and/or academics.

2. Referrals and Testimonials: From experience, I found the golden period for beginning to ask for referrals and testimonials is about 4-6 weeks into building a successful parent-child (student) relationship. Take your time, ask at the right time and watch your client numbers grow.

3. Business Networking: Be active in joining a networking group that meets on a regular basis. Start to build these key relationships as networking groups can be a catalyst for your growth in multiple facets in your tutoring business.

4. Joint Ventures: Start looking into connecting with individuals that have complimentary businesses to yourself. Set up meetings and see if there is synergy.

5. Launch Goal Check-Ins: A few times a week, take several minutes and review the course for your post-launch by reviewing launch goals and post-launch projections.

Remember as well, be kind to yourself and embrace the growth and changes as they occur with your tutoring business.

What are some of your plans and thoughts for post-launch success?

Thank you kindly Rockstar Tutors, if you have any questions please let me know.

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Make it a great day.


Michael Gibben

Founder, Coach for Tutors

Image Credit: Yuri_B from Pixabay

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