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Five Tips to Create the Ultimate Five-Star First Session with New Clients

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Warm Hearted Wednesday Rockstar Tutors,

Quick question for your day. Do you remember bad, good, and/or excellent customer service?

It is safe to assume; we remember bad customer service. It stays with us and we often bemoan to family and friends to avoid doing business with a given company. Of course, as rockstar tutors, we do our best to not provide bad service.

I know when I started my tutoring company, I felt that I was doing a good job with my customer service. Good but I still did not feel it was excellent customer service. Good makes clients happy but can be forgettable and may not leave a client wanting more of your amazing tutoring services. With time and asking clients for feedback, I have five tips I would like to share for creating the ultimate five-star first session with new clients, in other words, excellent customer service.

1. Link Resources to Your Student’s Needs and Interests. Interest based learning shows a personal side to your tutoring and this personal addition expedites building positive rapport with students and/or parents as well as initial motivation toward learning.

2. Send a Friendly Reminder Email the Day Before. A short and simple message reminding your new client about their upcoming session will place a smile on their face. Throwing in a tidbit about what will be taught during the session and a fun activity that will be done creates eager anticipation.

3. Be Early to Your Session. Arrive 10-15 minutes early for your session shows amazing professionalism.

4. Offer Feedback to Students and Parents. Add feedback at the end of the session and stay a little late to answer questions students and/or parents may have.

5. Next Day Follow Up. Check in the next day and provide a new client bonus such as a downloadable resource. Parents often appreciate this.

Thank you kindly Rockstar Tutors.

What are some strategies you have implemented to create the ultimate five-star first sessions with new clients? It would be great to read about them.

Leads, referrals, and growth of your tutoring business often follow excellent service. You have got this rockstars!

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Make it a great day.


Michael Gibben

Founder, Coach for Tutors

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