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Your Tutoring Launch Workshop

12 Letters for the Successful Launch of Your Tutoring Business

Launching your tutoring business is an exciting time. It is also an overwhelming time. You might be wondering.


Where do I begin?

How do I set up specific success goals?

Do I know who my ideal clients are?

Which foundational programs and protocols would I need?

How much do I charge for my tutoring?

How do I market and sell my tutoring?

What will lead to both happy customers and a thriving business?

Let's work out these questions and others together toward the successful launch of your tutoring business!

During our tutor launch workshop, we will cover the following:

  • Your specific niche and ideal clients

  • Your foundational documents

  • Your effective low-cost marketing strategies

  • Your successful sales strategies and overcoming sales objections

  • Transforming your prospective families into happy clients

  • Your ideal goals and gains in client numbers and sales

  • Ways to reduce your business launch stress 

During our tutor launch workshop, you will receive:

  • Your 12 Letters for the Successful Launch of Your Tutoring Business Workbook which includes case studies and key steps

  • Key launch success activities

What others are saying:​

“ From the start, Michael inquired about my needs, goals, and wants for my tutoring company. Michael listened and provided wonderful support and guidance during my launching journey.“ ​

“ This was a very informative and comprehensive seminar. I learned lots.“ 

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