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The Power of Five: 5 Parts For Turning Your 5-Star Tutoring Prospect into a 5-Star Tutoring Client.

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Super Sunday Rockstar Tutors,

You did it! Per our earlier blog post where we discussed securing your first meeting with parents, you have secured a meeting with your family! They like you and you like them. You will be meeting this family in a few days. They have potential to be your client, it is a very exciting time.

Do you have the power of five formula? The five successful pieces for turning your 5-star tutoring prospect into a 5-star tutoring client.

I found this formula worked for me and I would like to share with you as follows:

1. A customized assessment for your amazing new student. What does this look like? How is this assessment customized to this particular student? Is it needs based as well as interest based?

2. A small gift to provide your student after the assessment. As a guide, what are your student’s interest(s) (e.g. baseball, creation of slime, stickers)? Provide a gift for your student and/or family based on interest is a great bridge and makes your first meeting more personable.

3. New questions. Continue to ask questions to your student(s) and their parents. Ask and learn more.

4. Have assessment & program procedures and protocols ready. How will this look for your tutoring business? What pieces do you need for this enrolment? What type of programs do you offer? How will a program work with this particular student? How will payment work? Take your time to develop your procedure and protocols prior to your meeting and review as needed.

5. Amazing gratitude to match your awesome attitude. Thank your new client for taking the opportunity to work as a team with you. Provide two business cards, one for your new client and one for them to share with a potential new referral.

Thank you Rockstar Tutors.

What does your Power of Five look like?

If you have any questions, always happy to connect.

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Make it a great day.


Michael Gibben

Founder, Coach for Tutors

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