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A, B, & C Essentials for Launching Your Tutoring Business

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Wondrous Wednesday Rockstar Tutors,

Hope you are all having a wonderful day. As with all businesses, tutoring businesses have some essential documents for start-up.

When I began my tutoring company eight years ago, I was unsure and a little overwhelmed over which documents I needed and what was necessary. I spoke with both an accountant and lawyer about essential business launch items and would like to share these with you as follows.

A, B & C Essentials for Launching Your Tutoring Business

1. Accounting Tax Check and Software: This may vary by province, state, and/or country however you can check with an accountant whether your tutoring company should charge taxes or is exempt from charging taxes. In addition, utilizing an accounting software can help with keeping track of your business revenue and expenses. What type of expenses do you foresee for your business?

2. Business License: This may vary by province, state, and/or country however if you are running a business, this document is often mandatory. These can often be ordered online.

3. Client Contract: Having a contract with parents can create two-way transparency and set clear guidelines for the business side of tutoring. What does your tutoring contract look like?

Although I am not an accountant or lawyer, these are guidelines that I hope will help you as you launch your tutoring business.

Thank you kindly Rockstar Tutors, if you have any questions please let me know.

Our next post we will go over the D & E Essentials for Launching Your Tutoring Business.

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Make it a great day.


Michael Gibben

Founder, Coach for Tutors

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